Covering holes in your pocket

Don’t you just hate it when you, literally, have holes in your pocket? I can’t remember just how many times I lost some money (albeit loose change) and other knick knacks due to holes in my pocket in the past. Though this literal scenario has not happened to me recently, the figurative aspect has not been a stranger to me.

1,5-2k loansMany things can burn holes in our pockets. Regular expenses that used to be manageable are getting more and more difficult to handle. Add to these expenses the unexpected things that we have to spend money on and you would understand that holes in our pockets are inevitable during these times. So what can we do to cover up these holes and avoid money from slipping away from our hands just like water?

One effective means of dealing with holes in our pockets is to take out a 1,5K $$$ loan. A payday loan is effective in many ways. For one, it has been designed to meet urgent needs. For those needs that have to be dealt with within a span of days, a payday loan is perfect. Another reason to take out payday loans is the fact that it is quite easy to avail of one. As such, we won’t be wasting time and effort when applying for a payday loan.

So how does one avail of a payday loan? It is quite simple. All a person has to do in order to avail of a payday loan is to go online – a computer terminal and an Internet connection is all it takes. There is no lack of online payday loan providers in the United States today. This fact provides consumers like ourselves with more choices.

One thing that you have to know about payday loans is that you have to meet certain requirements. These requirements are very easy to fulfill and do not require a lot on your part. First, you have to be a resident or a citizen of the United States. Second, you have to be at least 18 years old. Third, you have to have a regular source of income. Fourth, you have to have a current bank account.

The second requirement is perhaps the most crucial of all the basic requirements mentioned above. This is because payday loan lenders do not require a credit check to determine the creditworthiness of a borrower. As such, the fact that the borrower has a stable source of income replaces the information that a credit check offers. What counts as a regular source of income? Normally, a stable job would suffice. Alternatively, if you have your own business, that would do as well. The fourth requirement is also important as this is how you will be receiving the proceeds of the 2K $$$ payday loan.

Do take note, however, that some payday loan lenders may ask minor additional requirements from time to time. This is especially true if you are borrowing money from them for the first time.… Read full

Express cash with payday loans

If you take a look at most services offered in the market today, the word express is attached to them. Express shipping, express processing (even for government transactions!), express meals, express lanes – they are everywhere! What is the reason behind this? It is simple really. The world that we all live in is a fast paced one. Everyone is rushing to get what they want and what they need. Time is of the essence and some things just can’t wait. And even if they can wait, if one can get his need resolved in a faster period of time, then why not? People are more than willing to pay for expedited services. That is, as long as the service provider can deliver on his promise.

The finance sector is not exempt from this way of thinking. There are certain financial products in the market that are labeled express as well. Take payday loans for example. These are loans that take much less time to process as compared with traditional loans.

Payday loans are no different from the more conventional loan types, actually. The big difference is in the ease and the speed by which an individual can avail of them. For a conventional loan, an individual must apply personally to the bank or traditional lending institution. Of course, these days, there are some banks and lending institutions which offer express loans (there is that word again!) wherein the borrower may not have to be physically at the premises to apply. This, however, would only apply to regular customers most of the time. Anyhow, for a payday loan, the borrower does not have to have a record with the payday loan provider in order to apply for a payday loan for the first time. More so, he does not have to go to a physical office to apply for the loan.

Most payday loan providers in the USA operate online. As such, the potential borrower only has to go online and visit the payday loan lender’s web site. He then needs to fill out the application form and then send it in. This could take only a few minutes of one’s time! Once the application has been sent in, the borrower only has to wait for a few hours for a reply. Most of the time, borrowers are approved for a payday loan. Almost no one is denied simply because no credit check is done. This results in even faster processing of the loan.

Compared to a conventional loan, which may take days, weeks, and even months, to be approved, a payday loan can be approved within hours! Imagine the time that you can save by applying for a payday loan! It does not stop there, though. With a payday loan, you can have your much needed money within the next day – a few days at the most. Now compare that with the traditional waiting time of weeks, even months for a traditional loan! Indeed, a payday loan is an express loan that you should take advantage of!… Read full

Get relief till payday

Everyone looks forward to payday. This is especially true for working people who are employed by a company. Sometimes, those of us who receive our wages on a regular basis sometimes just cannot make the money last till the next payday comes along. Many times, we find ourselves tightening our belts so that the little cash that we have will last till our coffers are replenished. This usually works for me, especially if I stick to a budget from the moment I receive my pay cheque.

Sometimes, however, unexpected expenses crop up. With the belt tightening already going on, I am hard pressed to deal with these unexpected expenses. Even worse – I don’t know if you’ve noticed this – when one expense crops up, others tend to do so as well, left and right, all at the same time. Much like mushrooms coming out in the forest after it rains!

If I were the type to panic or to hide my head in the sand like an ostrich, I would probably in big trouble by now. Then again, I am thankful that I have found a ready alternative for when these things happen – a payday loan. Before you balk at the idea, let me tell more about payday loans. They are often misunderstood, because of the negative publicity that has been bestowed upon them by some sectors. However, the truth is that the average working person can get financial relief from payday loans!

A payday loan is no different from other types of loans in the market in that people borrow a certain amount of money and then pay it back – for a fee. The big edge that a payday loan has over other types of loans is that one can avail of a payday loan very easily. You only need to satisfy these basic requirements:

-be a citizen or resident of the United States
-be at least 18 years of age
-have a regular source of income (your job or your own business)
-have an active bank account.

Of course, some payday loan lenders may ask for additional documentation, especially if you are applying for a loan for the first time. However, the requirements are very easy to meet, making it a snap to acquire a payday loan. More so, you do not need to queue up physically at the bank to apply for your payday loan. Payday loan lenders operate online (most of them) and will process everything through electronic means.

In addition to the ease of applying for a payday loan, you can get the cash within a very short amount of time. For example, if you apply for a payday loan this morning, you will normally get a response – whether you are approved or denied – within a couple of hours, maybe even less. After you get the loan approved, you will have the money in your indicated bank account the next day – a few days at the most.

Now if that kind of service will not give you relief till payday, I don’t know what will.… Read full

Payday loan: quick fix

Are you the type of person who likes looking for quick fixes for all sorts of glitches that you encounter in your daily life? If so, then you are probably not alone. After all, we all encounter these little glitches almost everyday. These glitches occur in almost all aspects of our lives and we just need to be able to iron them out the best we can. When it comes to our finances, glitches may occur more often than we want them to. But what can we do? As the French say, c’est la vie! Life is full of such surprises and we just need to take things in stride and try to find the easiest possible means of fixing problems.

Fortunately for us, there is such a thing as a payday loan that serves as a quick fix for certain financial glitches. I would like to emphasize the term certain here, though. This is because a payday loan is not meant to deal with all sorts of financial problems. There are certain parameters whereby a payday loan can work best.

A payday loan is a short term loan that was designed with temporary financial problems in mind. It is meant to solve cash flow problems that are temporary in nature and that fall within a certain amount range. As such, a payday loan cannot be used for astronomical purchases that span a long period of time. Being a short term loan, a payday loan can be availed of within a very short period of time. This time frame will definitely vary from one payday loan lender to another but in general, a borrower can expect to have his money from a payday loan within 24 hours or a couple of days at the most. In addition to this, a payday loan needs to be paid off within a relatively short amount of time as well. Again, the specifics will vary from one payday loan lender to another but you can expect to have to pay off your payday loan within the next 2 weeks to a month. The repayment period is timed with the payday of the borrower – hence the name of the loan.

How would you know if you can avail of a payday loan? The best people who can tell you the exact requirements would be the payday loan lenders themselves. You can visit the web site of any payday loan lender and you will be able to get the specific information that you need. There are some basic requirements, however, that most payday loan lenders have set down. These include the following:

– the borrower must be a citizen or a resident of the USA

– the borrower must be at least 18 years old

– the borrower must have a stable source of income (this can be a job or a self-owned business)

– the borrower must have a current bank account

If these basic requirements are met, then the chances are that there will be no problems availing of a payday loan. In truth, you would have the money that you need within 24 hours more or less.… Read full

Get approved quickly with a payday loan

I still remember a harrowing experience I had about a year ago. My credit card company sent me a leaflet saying that I was qualified for a special promo wherein I could get a loan approved with no requirements. All that I needed was to make sure that I had credit remaining in my card – that is, that I hadn’t used up my credit limit. I just had to give them a call and I would have the money within 3 days – no questions asked.

At that time, I really needed some extra money so I thought to myself, why not give it a try? After all, you just had to pay a small fee and then they would NOT charge interest on the loan. The catch was that they would put the loan repayments on the credit card. Still, I thought it was a pretty good deal.

So I called them up. That’s when I had an inkling that things were not as they said it was going to be. First of all, the customer service agent I talked to said I was not qualified. I asked her how come – I got that leaflet in the mail after all. Why send me that if I didn’t qualify anyway? Second, I asked her what the qualifications were because I have never been late in paying my bill. She said she couldn’t disclose it. So I said never mind.

The next day I got a call. It was another representative saying that I was qualified. So I said alright, give me a loan. She got my details down, gave me a reference number, and said that I would have the money in 3 days max. Guess what? Three days came and went – I had no money. I followed it up, they said the next day. And so the story went…7 days and no money.

The problem was with the approval. They assured me that only one more day and it will be approved. I said no, never mind, I don’t want your product.

Does this sound familiar? Well this is one BIG problem when it comes to loans. Approval is almost always “guaranteed” – that is, until you actually apply for the loan. It irks me to no end that they do this.

It is a good thing that payday loan lenders actually live up to their word when it comes to approval of loans! My experience with them is nothing short of miraculous when it comes to speed. With payday loans, you can apply for a loan in the morning, get approved in the afternoon, and REALLY have your money in your hands – or bank account, for that matter – by the next day.

When it comes to speed, it seems to me that payday loans cannot be beat. So if you find yourself needing money FAST, I suggest you scope out payday loans for your convenience. Forget about the hassle and false promises that you might get from other lending institutions.… Read full

Shop around for a free payday loan

There is nothing that you can get for free today – or is there? Believe it or not, there is actually a possibility that you can get a free (or at least very cheap) payday loan. Honestly, I find it very hard to believe, myself. My way of thinking is this – payday loan providers are operating because they want to make a living. They are running a business venture and not a charitable organisation after all. So why would they even think about giving their product or service away for free? Who would do that?

According to some articles I have read on the Web, there is a possibility for this happening. How so? Apparently, there are some payday loan providers who are always on the lookout for new customers. They are always finding new ways to attract new borrowers to avail of their service. As such, they come out with promotions from time to time in order to entice these potential borrowers to deal with them.

It makes sense so far – with all the payday loan providers operating online today, each one of them has to be very competitive in order to stay afloat, much more, earn a profit. So, what kinds of promos do they offer new customers?

One such promo is to offer free payday loans for first time borrowers. What happens is that they do not charge the regular fees for those individuals who borrow money from them for the first. Hard to believe, no? I honestly have not come across such a payday loan provider as of yet but as they say, these promos do not run all the time. Maybe it has been a matter of timing for me. In any case, if you look hard enough, you just might find a payday loan provider that is running some sort of promo like this one. Just make sure that you read the fine print over and over again to make sure that you are not missing out on any stipulation that may be detrimental to you in the end.

A more common promo that I have seen is reduced fees. Many payday loan providers do this in order to entice customers – both first time and returning. Different strokes for different folks, as the saying goes. Some payday loan lenders offer reduced fees to first time borrowers while other payday loan lenders do the opposite and offer reduced fees to returning customers. The logic for the first tactic is to attract new clients who will hopefully like their service and stay with them. The logic for the second tactic is to keep current customers happy and retain them as returning borrowers.

Personally, I don’t care what their logic is behind the reduced fees. As long as I can get the promo and I do not get caught in whatever catch that might exist, then I am happy. The trick is in looking around for such promos first before committing to a payday loan lender.… Read full